Federal Agencies:

NSF National Science Foundation
  • DMR/IMR Development of an Atomic Force Microscope and Nano-Indenter with a Magnetically Levitated Tip (completed)
  • CTS/NER: Microscopic Modeling of the Surfactant Mediated Reactive Assembly of Nanostructured Materials (completed)
  • EDU/NUE: Creating Baccalaureate Level Nanotechnology Minors with Pathways from Existing Associate Degree Programs in Nanofabrication (completed)
  • EDU/IGERT: Concortium for Education in Many-Body Applications (CEMBA) (completed)
  • ENG/NER: Controlling Transport of Nanosized Objects by Surface-Grafted Polymeric Engines (completed)
  • DMR/MRSEC: IRG1, Chemically Advanced Nanolithography (completed)
  • DMR/MWN: Temperature and Chemical Responsive Polymer Surfaces: Towards the Molecular Design of Intelligent Materials (completed)
NIST/BFRL National Institute of Standards & Technology (Building and Fire Research)
  • Synthesis and Flammability Studies of Novel High-Temperature syndio-PS/Silicate Nanocomposites (completed)
  • Fundamental Studies of High-Temperature Nanocomposites (completed)
DoD/ONR Department of Defense through the Office of Naval Research
  • Design of Combinatorial Polymeric Substrates for Adsorption, Separation and Functional Assay of Biological Macromolecules (completed)
DoE Department of Energy
  • Novell high-Temperature Polymer Proton Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cell Applications (completed)
ACS/PRF ACS/PRF   (Petroleum Research Fund)
  • PRF/G: AFM Investigations of Filler-Induced Polymer Crystallization in Polymer/Clay Hybrids (completed)
NAS/NRC National Research Council & The National Academies
  • NRC/SFFP (AFOSR): Fundamentals of E-field alignment of clays in organic matrices (completed)
  • NRC/CoBaSE: Dielectric AFM studies of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) materials for fuel cells (completed)

Industrial Projects:

Completed Projects:  
Industrial and Other Gifts:
Kraft Oscar-Mayer
Sumitomo Chem
Bayer MS Exxon
Air Products

Student Fellowships & Visiting Scientists:

  • Sumitomo Chemical [Japan]
  • Samsung Corporation [Korea]
  • Penn State IGERT [NSF]
  • Penn State ARL [DoD/ONR]
  • Royal Thai Government [Thailand]
  • Chinese State Scholarship Fund [China]
  • General Secretariat Sci & Tehnol [Greece/MWN]
  • PolyK Technologies LLC
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia [incl. faculty award]

Penn State Funding:



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