Evangelos Manias
Evangelos Manias
Director, Polymer Nanostructures Lab - CSPS
Professor, Materials Science & Engineering Dept
428 Steidle Building
Penn State University
University Park, PA 16802
tel: 814 863-2980
fax: 814 865-2917
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Associate Professor
Phil Walker Assist. Professor      
Assistant Professor
Materials Science & Eng. Department
Penn State University, University Park, PA
1995-1998 Post-doctoral Associate
Materials Science & Eng. Department,
Cornell University, Ithaca NY


Ph.D. (17 Nov. 1995) Chemistry
School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, University of Groningen; The Netherlands.
"Nanorheology of strongly confined molecular fluids" [thesis at the RuG library]
Highest honours: Awarded "cum laude" from the Dutch National Academy (top 1.0% of all Ph.D.s).
Advisors: G. Hadziioannou, G. ten Brinke. Defense Committee: DN Theodorou, HJC Berendsen, AN Semenov
Ptychio (B.Sc./M.Sc.; 17 Oct. 1991) Physics
Physics department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
Honour graduate: Ranked 2nd in a class of 250 with a GPA of 9.2 (/10).

Selected Awards & Distinctions:

  • Polymer Physics Prize. Amer.Phys.Soc.(APS) and J.Polym.Sci.B, Wiley (Mar. 2006)
  • Gordon Research Conferences, Invited Speaker (Composites, Jan.2010; ...)
  • Associate Professor, Department of Materials Sci & Technol, U.Crete, Greece (2006-08)
  • Head, Polymer Sci and Eng Program: MatSE Department (Penn State, 2003-07)
  • Dutton e-Institute" Fellow: Faculty Fellowship, EMS College (Penn State, 2004-07)
  • National Academy of Sciences CoBaSE Fellow: Faculty Fellowship, US National Academy of Sciences (2005)
  • National Academy of Sciences SFFP Fellow: Summer Faculty Fellowship, NRC/NAS (AFRL, 2004)
  • "Virginia S. & Philip L. Walker Jr." Endowed Prof. in Materials Sci & Eng (Penn State, 2001-06)
  • "Gladys Snyder" Teaching Award: EMS College (Penn State, 2003)
  • Div. Polymer Matrix Composites Award: Amer.Soc.Composites (ASC, 2002)
  • "Wilson" Research Initiation Award: Wilson Endowement, EMS College (Penn State, 1999)
  • Ecole de Physique Theoretique des Houches, France Invited Lecturer.
    Les Houches Advanced Physics school on: "Molecular aspects of confined liquids"
    (Organizer: Pierre G. de Gennes)

Early Awards & Prizes:

  • Highest honours (cum laude) for Ph.D. research: Dutch National Academy of Sciences and RuG
  • Honor Graduate, U Thessaloniki, Physics; Rank: 2nd, GPA: 9.2(/10) [top 0.8% of all Physics graduates 1985-95]
  • Greek National Scholarships for Excellency (IKY): Physics (Aristotle U Thessaloniki) 1989, 1990, and 1991
  • Distinction award : Summer School of Advanced Physics, University of Crete, Greece
  • Greek Mathematical Society:: 1985 third award, Chania; 1987 second award, Thessaloniki; 1987 Greek National Olympic team


 MRS Materials Research Society  EEΦ Hellinic Association of Physicists
 ACS American Chemical Society  SON Chemical Society of Netherlands
 APS American Physical Society  STW  Dutch Organization of Technology
 AIChE  Amer.Inst. of Chemical Engineers  ESF European Science Foundation
 ASC  Amer.Soc. of Composite Materials  FRCA  Fire Retardant Chemicals Assoc.

Editorial Appointments:

  • Editor, Journals:
    • Materials Letters (Elsevier, 2011-2016).
      Featured Letters [Invited only]; Polymers, Organic Materials, Polymer-Matrix (nano)Composites.
  • Associate Editor, Journals:
    • J. Functional Biomaterials (MDPI, Guest Editor/Editorial Board, 2010-  )
    • International Journal of Polymer Science (Hindawi, 2008-  )
    • Materials Letters (Elsevier, 2005-2011; Principal Editor afterwards)
    • J. Polym. Sci. B: Polym. Phys. (Wiley, 2003-04)
    • Materials (MDPI, Editorial Board, 2010-  )
    • Materials Technology (Maney Pubs, Editorial Board, 2011-  )
  • Books, or Parts of Books:
    • "Polymer Blends Handbook", 2nd Ed. (Springer, 2015),
      Editor for Volume 2, co-Editor with C.A. Wilkie and M. Rafailovich, vol.1-3, 2nd Ed. (Springer, 2015).
    • "Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering: Physical Chemisty"
      (with I.A. Bitsanis, American Institute of Physics, AIP, Melville, NY, 2007).
    • "Polymer Nanotechnology and Nanocomposites"
      (with N. Yamaguchi, Polymer Processing Society, PPS, Yamagata, Japan, 2006).
    • "Polymer/Metal Interfaces and Defected Mediated Phenomena in Ordered Polymers",
      (with G.G. Malliaras, Materials Research Society, MRS, Warrendale, PA, 2003).
  • Journal's special issue:
    • J. Polym. Sci. B: Polym. Phys., "organic/inorganic nanocomposites" (2003).


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