MATSE 597A (grad, 3 credits)

Introduction to AFM Methods
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Suggested Reading throughout the course:
A Practical Guide to AFM (ThermoMicroscopes)
[pdf file] [www site]

From Intermolecular Forces to AFM modes  [overheads]

Suggested Reading for "Forces, and SPM/AFM Intro":
Chapter 1 of: "A Practical Guide to AFM"
Probing nano-scale Forces with AFM (d.i.)
Proximal Probe Technology (ThermoMicroscopes)
(book) J. Israelachvili "Intermolecular & Surface Forces"
(article) AFM probing Intermolecular forces
(review) Lifshitz-van der Waals Interactions
(article) AFM Forces & the Hamaker constant
(article) AFM in water/liquids   [1]   [2]   [3]

Suggested Reading for "AFM modes":
Chapter 1 of: "A Practical Guide to AFM"
Scanning Techniques for SPM (d.i.)
Tapping AFM (d.i.)
Tapping AFM (phase) (d.i.)
Force Modulation AFM (d.i.)
Lateral Force AFM (d.i.)
(articles) AFM of soft surfaces:   [1]   [2]

Tip Artefacts and Image Convolution [overheads]
Suggested Reading for "Artefacts & Deconvolution":
Chapters 3 & 4 of: "A Practical Guide to AFM"
V. Koutsos, Ph.D. thesis, ch.3 (U of Groningen) (complete)
A simple approach to characterize the tip shape

Surface Roughness [overheads]
Definitions of Surface Roughness Parameters
Suggested Reading for "Surface Roughness":
SEM vs. AFM (d.i.)
Most common roughness parameters (d.i.)

AFM Piezo-Scanners & Course WrapUp [overheads]
Suggested Reading for "AFM Piezo-Scanners":
Chapter 2 of: "A Practical Guide to AFM"


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