Polymer/Metal Interfaces and Defect Mediated Phenomena in Ordered Polymers

Editors: Evangelos Manias,
             George G. Malliaras

MRS Proceedings Volume 734 (2002)


Part I: Polymer/Metal Interfaces (Symposium B, Fall 2002)
  1. Interfacial Polymerization of Molecular Squares: Thin Microporous Membranes Featuring Size Selective Transport B1.1
    Jodi L. O'Donnell, Melinda H. Keefe, and Joseph T. Hupp
  2. Molecular Structure of Interphases Formed by Plasma Polymerized Acetylene Films and Steel Substrates B1.4
    P.I. Rosales, E.J. Krusling, F.J. Boerio, and R.G. Dillingham
  3. Pulling Single Chains Out of a Collapsed Polymer Monolayer in Bad-Solvent Conditions B1.6
    Vasileios Koutsos, Heiko Haschke, Mervyn J. Miles, and Frédéric Madani
  4. Direct Observation and Characterisation of the Oxide Nanostructured Interface Resulting From Organosilane Pre-Treatment of Aluminium B1.8
    Mark J. Whiting, Vlad Stolojan, Ann Rattana, and John F. Watts
  5. Conformations in PET-Steel Laminates Studied by FTIR B1.9
    R. Rastogi, W.P. Vellinga, O.L.J. v Asselen, and H.E.H. Meijer
  6. High Frequency Contact Mechanics Based on Quartz Crystal Resonators: Application to Polymer Surfaces B2.5
    Steffen Berg and Diethelm Johannsmann
  7. Damaging of a Soft Polymeric Substrate by Crack Propagation Through Its Hard Coating B2.7
    M. George, J. Colin, C. Coupeau, and J.W. Grilhé
  8. Delamination of Poylmer Coatings fromMetal Substrates: Submicroscopic and Molecular Aspects B2.8
    M. Rohwerder, E. Hornung, and Xing-Wen Yu
  9. Adhesion Property of Novel Polyimides Containing Fluorine and Phosphine Oxide Moieties B2.9
    K.U. Jeong, Y.J. Jo, H.M. Knag, and T.H. Yoon
  10. Conjugated Polymer Network Ultrathin Films on Metal Interfaces Using the Precursor Polymer Approach: Design, Synthesis and In Situ Characterization B2.10
    Rigoberto Advincula, Chuanjun Xia, Prasad Taranekar, Ken Onishi, Suxiang Deng, Akira Baba, and Wolfgang Knoll
  11. Direct Imaging of Nanoparticle Embedding Into PS Films B3.2
    J.H. Teichroeb and J.A. Forrest
  12. Plastic Deformation of Glassy Polymers: Correlation Between Shear Activation Volume and Entanglement Density B3.3
    Janet Ho, Leon Govaert, and Marcel Utz
  13. Patterned Deposition From Compressed Carbon Dioxide B3.7
    C.K. Luscombe, W.T.S. Huck, A.B. Holmes, T. Lu, G.A. Leeke, R.C.D. Santos, B. Al-Duri, and J.P.K. Seville
  14. Oriented Growth of Model Molecules of Polyethylene and Poly(tetrafluoroethylene) (n-C44H90 and n-C24F50) and Angle-Resolved UPS Study of Their Intramolecular Energy Band Dispersion (E=E(k)) Relation B4.5
    Daisuke Yoshimura, Takayuki Miyamae, Sinji Hasegawa, Yukinobu Hosoi, Yoko Sakurai, Masato Yamamoto, Hisao Ishii, Yukio Ouchi, Nobuo Ueno, and Kazuhiko Seki
  15. Mechanical Enhancement of Nanoporous Low-k Films as Interlayer Dielectrics by Ion Implantation B5.3
    Alok Nandini U. Roy, Zubin P. Patel, A. Mallikarjunan, H. Bakhru and T.-M.Lu
  16. Formation of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Forrest Assemblies on Metal Surfaces B5.4
    Debjit Chattopadhyay, Izabela Galeska, and Fotios Papadimitrakopoulos
  17. Correlation Between Nanostructure and Crystalline Morphology and Mechanical Response in Nylon 6 Nanocomposites B5.10
    E. Reynaud, D. Shah, and E.P. Giannelis
  18. Study of Polymer-Electrode Interfaces in Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes Using Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy B6.2
    A. van Dijken, I.N. Hulea, H.B. Brom, and K. Brunner
  19. Hole Injection and Transport in a Fluorene-Containing Copolymer B6.3
    Rizwan U.A. Khan, Theo Kreouzis, Dmytro Poplavskyy, and Donal D.C. Bradley
  20. Potential Profile Surveyed Directly by Nanomanipulator With Probing Tip in Al/Poly(3-alkylthiophene)/Au Diodes B6.4
    K. Kaneto, M. Nakagawa, and W. Takashima
  21. The Characterization of Copper-Doped Carbon Aerogels by Transport Properties Measurements B6.5
    R.W. Fu, N. Yoshizawa, Y. Hanzawa, K. Kaneko, A.P. Santos, M.S. Dresselhaus, G. Dresselhaus, J. Satcher, and T. Baumann
  22. Charge Carrier Injection Into a Disordered Organic Dielectric B6.7
    Vladimir I. Arkhipov, Heinz Bässler, and Evgenia V. Emelianova
  23. Microscopic Study of Electrical Transport Through Single Molecules With Metallic Contacts: Organic Molecules and Finite Carbon Nanotube B6.8
    Yongqiang Xue and Mark A. Ratner
  24. Experimental Studies and Physical Model of Efficient, Tunable Injection Using Tunnel-Transparent Dielectric Contacts on Polymer Light-Emitting Devices B7.2
    Ludmila Bakueva, Sergei Musikhin, Edward H. Sargent, and Alexander Shik
  25. Chemical Structure of MEH-PPV/LiF/Al Interface B7.4
    X.D. Feng, D. Grozea, and Z.H. Lu
  26. Modification of Conducting Polymer Thin Film Interfaces Using Self-Assembled Monolayers Containing Transition Metal Complexes B7.7
    David M. Sarno, Sudhindra Prasad, Wayne E. Jones Jr., and Luis J. Matienzo
  27. Electrochemical Polymerization of Conducting Polymer Coatings on Neural Prosthetic Devices: Nanomushrooms of Polypyrrole Using Block Copolymer Thin Films as Templates B8.4
    Junyan Yang, Yinghong Xiao, and David C. Martin
  28. Implant Surface Modification by Biological Multi-Layer Systems B8.6
    Regine Willumeit, Helmut Kamusewitz, Michael Schossig, Jens Schröder, and Helmut Clemens
  29. The Benefits of High-k Dielectrics for Polymer TFTs B9.1
    Munira Raja, Naser Sedghi, Simon J. Higgins, and W. Eccleston
  30. Current-Induced Degradation in Polythiophene B9.4
    Velda Goldberg, Michael Kaplan, Leonard Soltzberg, Joseph Genevich, Emily Coombs, Erica Giacomozzi, Valarie Kwasnik, Samia Naeem, Eleana Pham, and George Malliaras
  31. Influence of Mechanical Rubbing of Polyhexylthiophene Layers on the Field-Effect Mobility using Differently Treated Isolator Surfaces B9.9
    H. Heil, T. Finnberg, R. Schmechel, and H. von Seggern
  32. The Role of Keto Defect Sites for the Emission Properties of Polyfluorene-Type Materials B9.11
    Emil J.W. List, Roland Guentner, Patricia Scanducci de Freitas, and Ullrich Scherf
  33. The Direct-Write Polymer Field-Effect Transistor B9.12
    M.I. Sluch, R.M. Taylor, and K.H. Church
  34. New Surface Functional Metal Powders for Anisotropic Conductive Film Materials in Electronic Package Application B9.13
    Shu-Chen Huang, Hsun-Tien Li, Kai-Chi Chen, and Tzong-Ming Lee
  35. Microwave Characterization of Electro-Optic Polymers B9.15
    Guru Subramanyam, Prasanna Mathala, Christine Chevalier, Antonio Davis, Perry Yaney, and James Grote
  36. An Equivalent Circuit Approach to Evaluating Conductivity of Polymer-Filler Composites B9.19
    Vladislav Skorokhod
  37. Influence of Metal Electrodes on the Ferroelectric Responses of Poly(vinylidene fluoridetrifluoroethylene) Copolymer Thin Films B9.20
    Feng Xia and Q.M. Zhang
  38. Analysis on the Characteristics of Low-k Benzo-Cyclo-Butene Passivation B9.23
    W.S. Sul, H.J. Han, H.S. Lee, B.H. Lee, S.D. Kim, and J.K. Rhee
  39. A New Approach to Design Light Emitting Devices Using Electroactive Dyes B9.24
    Michael Pan, Amitava Patra, Christopher S. Friend, Tzu-Chau. Lin, Alexander N. Cartwright, Paras. N. Prasad, and Ryszard Burzynski
  40. Photoelectron Spectroscopy Measurements of the Valence Band Structures of C60 Thin Films on Single Crystal Silicon and Polycrystalline Copper B9.29
    B. Ha, J.H. Rhee, Y. Li, D. Singh, and S.C. Sharma
  41. Temperature Dependence of the Electrical Resistivity of Polymerized C60 Thin Films B9.30
    R. Govinthasamy, J.H. Rhee, and S.C. Sharma
  42. Raman Spectroscopy Measurements of Interface Effects in C60/Copper-Oxide/Copper B9.31
    Y. Li, J.H. Rhee, D. Singh, and S.C. Sharma
  43. Gate Bias Modulated Current Flow Analysis at Organic Semiconductor/Metal Interface for Developing High Performance Organic FET B9.32
    Manabu Yoshida, Sei Uemura, Satoshi Hoshino, Takehito Kodzasa, and Toshihide Kamata
  44. Electrophysical Properties of Polymers With Implanted Amorphous Single-Component Metals B9.33
    R. Malkhasyan, R. Krmoyan, and V. Kosyan
  45. Direct-Write Polymer Diodes B9.40
    Mikhail I. Sluch, Robert L. Parkhill, Robert M. Taylor, and Kenneth H. Church
  46. Fabrication and Characterization of Tunable Magnetic Nanocomposite Materials B9.45
    M. Dikeakos, L.D. Tung, T. Veres, A. Stancu, L. Spinu, and F. Normandin
  47. Comb-Like Polymer Thin Films Prepared by Ionization-Assisted Deposition of Acrylate Compounds B9.46
    Hiroaki Usui, Atsuhiro Katayama, Takanobu Honda, and Kuniaki Tanaka
  48. Blood Compatibility of Metal Oxide Layers on Stainless-Steel B9.47
    Kanji Tsuru, Shinji Takemoto, Tatsuhiro Yamamoto, Satoshi Hayakawa, Akiyoshi Osaka, and Seisuke Takashima
  49. Blood Compatibility of Stainless-Steel and Titanium Immobilized With Alginic Acid Layers B9.48
    Tomohiko Yoshioka, Kanji Tsuru, Satoshi Hayakawa, and Akiyoshi Osaka
  50. Characteristics of Cu/C Films on Polymer Substrate Prepared by Room Temperature ECR-MOCVD Coupled with Periodic DC Bias B9.49
    Joong Kee Lee, Hyungduk Ko, Jin Hyun, Dongjin Byun, Byung Won Cho, and Dalkeun Park
  51. Single-Step Photofabrication of Kinoforms in Use of Azobenzene-Containing Polymer Films B9.50
    Shin Yasuda, Jiro Minabe, Katsunori Kawano, Tatsuya Maruyama, and Hidenori Yamada
  52. The Nanomechanical Effect of Dendrimer Interlayers Underneath Cu Ultrathin Films B9.51
    Junyan Zhang, Micheal Curry, and Shane Street
  53. Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Material for Coating on Metals B9.57
    Zhexiong Tang, Neil Alvarez, and Sze Yang
  54. A TFT Strategy for Polymer Circuits B9.59
    Naser Sedghi, Munira Raja, Giles C. R. Lloyd, Iain Liversedge, Simon J. Higgins, and Bill Eccleston
  55. The Effect of Interfacial Chemistry on Metal Ion Penetration into Polymeric Films B9.60
    Anupama Mallikarjunan, Jasbir Juneja, Guangrong Yang, Shyam P. Murarka, and Toh-Ming Lu
  56. Correlation of Substituent Parameter Values to Electronic Properties of Molecules B9.63
    Natalie Carroll, Nikita Matsunaga, and Karl Sohlberg
  57. Buckling Instabilities of Thin Cap Layers Deposited Onto Low-k Dielectric Films B9.67
    F. Iacopi, S.H. Brongersma, T.J. Abell, and K. Maex
  58. Biomimetic Dextran Coatings on SiliconWafers: Thin Film Properties and Wetting B10.7
    Michela Ombelli, David M. Eckmann, and Russell J. Composto

Part II: Defect Mediated Phenomena in Ordered Polymers (Symposium A, Fall 2002)
  1. Effects of Blending SIBS and SMA on Morphology and Mechanical Properties A1.7
    Lan N. Pham and Changmo Sung
  2. Crystal Structure of and Defects in the Pentacene Thin Film Phase A2.2
    Lawrence F. Drummy, Paul K. Miska, and David C. Martin
  3. Evolution of Property and Microstructure of P(VDF-TrFE) Copolymers Modified by Irradiation Introduced Defects A2.5
    Z.-Y. Cheng, Zhimin Li, Yanyun Ma, Q.M. Zhang, and Fred B. Bateman
  4. Effect of Pulsed Magnetic Fields on Crystallization of Polymers A2.7
    Mark N. Levin
  5. Understanding the Morphologies and Polymerization Mechanism of Homopolymer and Block Copolymer Brushes by Living Anionic Surface Initiated Polymerization A3.6
    Mi-Kyoung Park, George Sakellariou, Stergios Pispas, Nikos Hadjichristides, Jimmy Mays, and Rigoberto Advincula
  6. Bridging Properties of Multiblock Copolymers A4.3
    K.Ø. Rasmussen, E.M. Kober, T. Lookman, and A. Saxena
  7. Defect Nucleation and Annihilation in Sheared Polymeric Liquid Crystals A4.4
    Dana Grecov and Alejandro D. Rey
  8. Single Shot Oo ArF Laser-Induced Photochemical Nucleation of Copper on Polyethylene-Terephthalate Surface A5.3
    H. Tokunaga and M. Murahara
  9. Molecular Modeling of Defect Structures in Pentacene A5.4
    Paul K. Miska, Lawrence F. Drummy, and David C. Martin

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