PC Painter and MM Coleman
Fundamentals of Polymer Science
(2nd Edition, CRC Press)

Chapter 5 (pgs 107-119 only)

Concepts that you must know:
  1. Definitions/Conepts: reactivity ratio(s), feed, instantaneous copolymer composition, composition drift
  2. Appreciate how the copolymer equation describes the copolymer composition based on the reactivity ratios and initial feed
  1. * Go through the 5.C special cases
  2. * Use the interactive module below to reproduce all special cases of 5.C
Interactive Module:
You need the Flash Player (v.6 or later) plugin (which can be obtained free from here)
The files are extremely small (typically half a minute with a modem) and can be run directly from this web-page.

  1. Choose the VDC/VC copolymerization (case I, pg 130). Vary the feed and comment on the composition drift and the depletion of the VC monomer
  2. Do the same for the AN/AM copolymerization (case III, pg 134)
  3. Do the same for the St/MAH copolymerization (case II, pg 132). Additionally comment on the depletion of St or MAH monomer depending on feed.
  4. Why can you deplete either of the monomers in the St/MAH copolymerization, whereas you can not change the feed to deplete the AM in the AN/AM case?
  5. Use the 'chi' parameter in all three cases and comment of the copolymer microstructure (random, blocky, etc)